Āķis Fanatik FK-9005 UNIVERSAL — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all EU. All Summer products -10%. Discount applies to cart

Āķis Fanatik FK-9005 UNIVERSAL

by Fanatik
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Fanatik FK-9005 UNIVERSAL

This is a hook scout for all occasions. If it happens that the goal of the fishing is unclear (a new pond with an obscure fish species, fishing trip ... there are various cases where you have to practically "throw out" the fishing rod from scratch). It is not necessary to act randomly and also to use the favorite hooks, which are specifically intended under special conditions of fishing and the particular fish.

If you don't know in advance which fish will bite, make sure you do so. Spread your worm or steamed grain on a medium-sized FANATIK FK-9005 UNIVERSAL hook. Its shape is so universally designed that the hook of this shape is very well suited for fishing all fish: from the peaceful carp to aggressive perches, from the inhabitants of the deep - bronze bream, to a quick, moody roach or bleak.

Everything that is average is simple and good. Medium length thigh, medium height of the tip, medium size of the barb. The wire is not thick and not thin (but excellently hardened and made from high-carbon VHI carbon steel). With this universal hook, fishing will succeed and the secret of the new water will be deciphered!