Āķis Fanatik AJI-FEEDER GOLD FK-1092G — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all EU. All Summer products -10%. Discount applies to cart

Āķis Fanatik AJI-FEEDER GOLD FK-1092G

by Fanatik
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"Fanatik FK-1092 AJI FEEDER"

These FANATIK FK-1092 AJI FEEDER (11 mm - 19 mm) sport class hooks are designed for speed fishing of all fish at long distances and mostly with live bait. The average thickness of the wire offers in this case a compromise between the strength (which is necessary for increased loads during the stroke at maximum distances) and a minimum damage to the delicate bait, which should remain as appetizing and lively as possible.

There can be no doubt about the strength of the hook, which looks so fine. The hooks are manufactured in Korea using the latest technology and are made of special VHI carbon steel with increased carbon content and structural strength. The special heat treatment gives the hook an excellent tension force. The hard tip is double chemically sharpened, so not only does it have perfect shape and sharpness, but it also retains these properties throughout the entire period of use. The hook is safely protected against corrosion, even sea water cannot damage the hook. The dark colour of the coating is also ideal for camouflage purposes, it does not cast any light.