Āķis Fanatik CLASSIC FK-9501 — Ratter Baits
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Āķis Fanatik CLASSIC FK-9501

by Fanatik
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Fanatik FK-9501 СLASSIK

FANATIK FK-9501 CLASSIK (9 mm - 24 mm) - A universal hook, a hook for all occasions, it is just about this hook, the Classic by Fanatik. In this model, the "golden mean" is realized very competently, which makes it possible to successfully use vegetable and animal bait, to assemble all equipment and to hunt for any fish.

The medium wire thickness: it is not too thick, so that the hook would not be too heavy and coarse and so that the worms and other living baits would not be dead. But the wire is not too thin either: this hook has enough strength and resilience to withstand the fight against big fish. The hook leg is medium length: it can be hidden in a bait batter, and you can also pull a rather clumsy worm on it. The classic round bottom, medium length of the tip, a small barb... is there something not average about this model, but something outstanding?

Of course. With average performance and shape parameters, the Fanatic hook Classic is characterized by the excellent sharpness of the double chemically ground tip. Excellent hardening ensures resilience under load, the durable coating ensures an unlimited lifespan of the hook not only in fresh but also in sea water. Made in Korea.

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