Āķis Fanatik FK-10071 ISEAMA — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all EU. All Summer products -10%. Discount applies to cart

Āķis Fanatik FK-10071 ISEAMA

by Fanatik
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Fanatik FK-10071 ISEAMA

The powerful forged hook FANATIK FK-10071 ISEAMA (10 mm - 20 mm) is designed for fishing with small, mostly vegetable baits for large fish. This hook can be perfectly hidden in any bait: in the bait batter, in large steamed grains, even in finished bait, in short in everything that can attract a hungry carp, grass carp or bream. This hook holds the bait securely until it lands in the mouth of the fish and then the thin tip, bent slightly like an "eagle's claw", penetrates the fish lip.

This hook cannot be bent or broken off even by very large prey. There is nothing surprising here: a fairly thick wire made of VHI carbon steel is heat-treated to achieve maximum strength and resilience. In addition, the hook is reinforced by cold forging, which also significantly increases its hardness. The dark anti-rust coating does not draw the careful fish's attention to itself.

This hook is particularly recommended for the assemblies that are needed for long casts. If decent specimens of white fish are found in the water, it makes sense to replace the hooks on your standard equipment with the Iseama FK-10071 in the required size.