Āķis Fanatik FK-1014 JOKER — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all EU. All Summer products -10%. Discount applies to cart

Āķis Fanatik FK-1014 JOKER

by Fanatik
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Fanatik FK-1014 JOKER

Special model FANATIK FK-1014 JOKER (9 mm - 20.5 mm) is designed for float fishing with medium sized live baits: maggot, jellyfish larva, "sandwiches" with jellyfish larva where it is raised together with barley grain or maggot. Don't be fooled by the fineness of the hook: thanks to its special power shape, this model, although made of quite thin wire, can withstand increased loads excellently. But the hook also works perfectly when you strike it. Because its tip is directed towards the eye due to the gently curved leg and can be inserted effortlessly into the fish lip.

It is clear that the strength required for the thin hook cannot be secured by the balanced shape alone. A serious technological effort is needed here. Fortunately, the Korean company that manufactures Fanatik's hook joker is equipped with the latest technologies. High carbon VHI carbon steel wire has excellent structural strength and its special hardening guarantees the hook excellent tensioning force. Special attention is also paid to the lace finish: thanks to its needle shape, the cutting of the fish lip is impossible. The double chemical sharpening (the best existing method for hook sharpening) ensures ideal sharpness, which is maintained throughout the period of use.