Āķis Fanatik SUPER FK-1127 — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all EU. All Summer products -10%. Discount applies to cart

Āķis Fanatik SUPER FK-1127

by Fanatik
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Fanatik SUPER FK-1127

These are the most universal hooks for whitefish fishing. If you like varied fishing, can catch all whitefish with different fishing methods and do not want to worry about the subtleties of using different models, take the Fanatik SUPER FK-1127 hook in various sizes. You can be sure that it is a top class hook, which in its mediocre form combines many advantages of specialized models.

Actually, hooks with long legs are only used when bigger worms are used, otherwise in other cases, when you are fishing with dough, cereals and foam, sugar mosquito larvae, maggots or popcorn, you will be able to easily and comfortably pull the bait on the hook and hide the tip if necessary (or vice versa, leave it free to ensure immediate hooking). It is very practical to use different baits in combination on the hook: both sugar mosquito larvae, maggots and corn. Once you have mounted this hook, you will have no trouble with it. Fanatik hooks made in Korea do not dull, do not rust and always remain as sharp as they were from the beginning. Just enjoy fishing - the Fanatik SUPER hook will not let you down!