Āķis Fanatik SODE FK-10006 RED — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all EU. All Summer products -10%. Discount applies to cart

Āķis Fanatik SODE FK-10006 RED

by Fanatik
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FANATIK SODE FK-10006 RED (8 mm - 17 mm) hook is perfect for fishing with fine, delicate baits (such as the larvae of the mosquito or maggot) for all the fish that live in our waters. Of course you should use a stronger hook for fishing for carp or bream, but when looking for fish of normal size you can't find a better model.

The thin, strong VHI carbon steel wire is heat-treated to give the hook maximum tension and its tip maximum hardness and lasting sharpness. The penetrating power of the thin tip, which is double chemically sharpened, is simply perfect: such hooks are used not only by amateur fishermen but also by sportsmen who appreciate every single fish.

It should be considered: this is a special model for the use of live bait. Grains and bait dough stick worse to the hook, it is too thin for baits of this kind. You should not use this hook even when fishing with long cast: such fishing is rougher, when you strike hard the hook springs too much. Use this hook when fishing with larvae or maggots for careful fish, and you will be able to fish much more than your colleagues who were not so picky when buying the hook.