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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-5 days.
Delivery all Europe and UK 3-5 days.

Pontoon 21 Crack Jack 78SP MR

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Lure weight: 11 gr
Lure length: 78 mm
Swimming Depth: 1,3-1,7 m

Pontoon 21 Crack Jack - the perfect lure for all members of your family! Each standard size has been individually designed by our team to ensure a corporate identity that delivers attractive gameplay, whether on uniform or jerky guidance, as well as excellent flight characteristics.

At Sia Ratter Baits, we offer a range of exclusive colors, specially developed for salmon, brown trout, sea trout, and trout fishing. The bright colors allow for optimal fishing in cloudy and cold waters, perfect for both small and large rivers such as Salaca and Gauja.

The CrackJack 78 occupies an intermediate position between Shed and Minnow wobblers and belongs to the transitional subclass "Shiner." It comes with a Magnetic Force Balance (MFB) system that ensures optimal flight range and necessary stabilization in the water. The MFB system consists of metal balls fixed at the front of the case and movable balls located in a special compartment. During casting, the balls shift to the tail section, shifting the center of gravity and providing range and accuracy of flight. The floating version has two balls, while the neutral buoyancy version has four: two in the head and two in the abdomen.

Each of the six CrackJack 78 modifications has individual characteristics, making it perfect for hunting predators on lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. They work great on the current, do not get lost, and do not fall on their side. With three degrees of penetration, you can fish horizons from 0.5 to 3.0 meters, making them perfect for coastal and boat fishing in the usual conditions of central Russia.

The CrackJack 78 comes with two types of vibrations depending on its modification: vibrations about the longitudinal axis (Rolling) and lateral vibrations in the horizontal plane (Wobbling). The shallow version of the SR (Shallow Runner) has a more pronounced rolling, while only high-speed drives will add wobbling. The MR (Medium Runner) version has equally pronounced rolling and wobbling, while the deep-sea version of DR (Deep Runner) has lateral vibrations that prevail.

All modifications work great on jerky lines, with the MR and DR versions changing the working horizon with strong jerks. When stopped, they continue to "tremble" for a while, adding to the lure's attractiveness.

The deep-sea version of the CrackJack 78 has high flotation in cluttered areas, making it perfect for fishing among snags and flooded branches. If the lure rests against an obstacle, give the spinning rod back, giving slack, and during the pause, it will float up. Overall, the Pontoon 21 Crack Jack is a versatile and effective lure that is perfect for any angler.