Pontoon 21 Crack Jack 98SP MR — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-5 days.
Delivery all Europe and UK 3-5 days.

Pontoon 21 Crack Jack 98SP MR

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Lure weight: 16.2 gr
Lure length: 98 mm
Swimming Depth: 1,3-1,7 m

Pontoon21 CrackJack 98 is the flagship lure of the CrackJack series and the only minnow in the lineup. Despite being in a different class of lures, it retains the beloved CrackJack features that anglers appreciate. Its energetic action allows for straight retrieves and jerking, while its "ballistic" properties ensure long-range casting. This lure is ideal for catching pike, perch, zander, and asp in our conditions.

The Pontoon21 CrackJack 98 comes in two buoyancy variants - Floating and Suspend. Each variant has three depth options: Shallow Runners, Medium Runners, and Deep Runners.

When using the shallow runners in a straight retrieve, the lure performs transverse fluctuations and rolling movements, creating a wave-like swimming action that mimics natural prey. This makes it highly effective even at slow retrieves. The system of balance ensures that the lure remains stable at high speeds and in streams. When twitched, the lure produces a tempting rolling and wobbling action that attracts active predators from afar. Pausing after a stop causes the lure to tremble, which provokes even passive fish.

The medium runners have a slightly different action. When retrieved straight, the swimming action is less pronounced, with a higher frequency and lower amplitude trajectory. However, jerking the lure causes it to perform abundant somersaults and wobbling movements. Dynamic jerks can also make the lure change its horizon, as the balancing balls move towards the tail, altering the center of mass.

Deep runners are highly effective even in straight retrieves, thanks to their large and wide lip, which produces a powerful swimming action. Pausing and changing the retrieve speed can add variation and increase its appeal. The floating version of the lure is perfect for fishing in areas with obstructions or debris on the bottom. The special position of the lure covers the treble hooks, and its ability to emerge during pauses allows it to avoid obstacles. The CrackJack 98 DR is popular with trolling enthusiasts and can be cast up to 3.5-5 meters. It excels in various jerking techniques, rolling, and wobbling. At a pause, it continues vibrating, making it highly effective for autumn pike fishing.

The high-quality Owner hooks are included with the Pontoon21 CrackJack 98. With this lure, you can always find the perfect retrieve and catch plenty of trophy fish while enjoying a thrilling fishing experience.