Frapp Flint Andrei Pitercov Silikona mānekļi Силиконовые приманки — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.

Frapp Flint 4''

by Frapp
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Frapp Flint is silicone lure a versatile medium-large model with a fairly voluminous segmented “Shad” body and an original chopped “heel” in the shape of a pentagon elongated from top to bottom. The segmented body and angled heel create swirls of water that make the Flint visible to predators from a distance. It was developed primarily for catching a predator in water bodies with the current and allows for a variety of animation techniques: from the classic jig "step" to uniform wiring - "swimming". It also performs well in stagnant water of lakes and reservoirs, but with slightly more intense animation.

Lure Size: 4" (10cm)

Lure weight: 7g.

Price: 1 pcs.