Lucky Craft LC 1.5 12g 60mm 1.0m — Ratter Baits
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Lucky Craft LC 1.5 12g 60mm 1.0m

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Lure length: 60mm

Lure weight: 12g

Lure depth: 1.0m

The Lucky Craft LC 1.5 is the crème de la crème of crankbaits for cover fishermen everywhere. Crafted of high quality plastic, the LC Series is much more durable than its predecessor wooden crankbaits, able to endure rocky bottom areas with ease. With an impressive high floating design, the LC Series is perfect for hunting large bass in heavy hard bottom areas.

The Lucky Craft LC 1.5 is a high-quality squarebill crank bait designed to reach desired depths quickly and evade detection by pressured fish. Its hard-wobbling action and bite-sized profile trigger aggressive strikes and its ideal buoyancy lets it back out of snags. Features include a laser harp hook, 3D gill plates, eyes and scales, and top-of-the-line paint schemes.

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