Nories Masukuroto weeper 0.6g — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.

Nories Masukuroto weeper 0.6g

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by Nories
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Nories Masukuroto weeper 0.6g 20mm

Under the supervision of expert trout fishermen, the design of the MASUKURUTO was crafted with a unique center flat design. This spreading of water friction over the entire lure's surface ensures stability during retrieves, allowing for quick sharp wobbling actions. Rod work can also be applied to the lure to produce irregular movement to entice a response. The CHIRARI paint system, with its irregular reverse colors, also helps to induce bites. Its balance and weight make for easy, accurate casts even in the wind. The 2.1g Masukuruto Weeper is designed for long-distance and fast tempo, lasting casts, keeping a steady depth with its Weeper action. Dimensions: 25mm (L) and 2.1g (W). NORIES Trout Lure with a fine, barbless singlehook.ook