OSP Rudra 130 SF — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.
Delivery all Europe and UK 3-8 days.

OSP Rudra 130 SF

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by OSP
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Lure weight: 19.5m
Lure length: 130mm
Swimming Depth: 1,8m
Type: Medium Slow Floating

Rudra lure comes in two models: the suspending (SP) model, which weighs 20g, and the floating (F) model, which weighs 17g. The floating model is designed for optimal floatability, while both models have excellent castability even in windy conditions due to their weight transfer system. However, in gusty winds, the SP model is more dominant.

Conversely, the F model is superior in retrieve response, quick bottom knock, and avoidance performance. The MSF model aims to bridge the gap between the F and SP models, weighing in at 18.2g and featuring two tungsten balls for its weight transfer system, making it almost twice as heavy as the F model.

This slight difference in weight greatly enhances the performance of the MSF lure. For instance, even in gusty winds, you can cast the MSF model long distances from the shore to areas that might pose a risk of hang. Additionally, you can take advantage of the MSF model in areas where the weed top is too low to use the F model. You can handle the MSF as you would the SP model by letting it float and dodge weed.

In summary, the MSF model is an excellent floating lure that fills the gap between the SP and F models. It is suitable for a wide range of scenarios and delivers impressive performance.