Patriot Vacuum Roll 20cm x 6m 2-pack — Ratter Baits
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Patriot Vacuum Roll 20cm x 6m 2-pack

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With Patriot vacuum products, you can preserve the freshness of your fish and other ingredients for a long time. Ensure that foodstuffs retain their aroma and nutrients.

• Preserves your foodstuffs for months by protecting them for air and moisture to ensure that their aroma remains unchanged
• Protects foods from desiccation and foreign aromas while freezing
• Also protects silverware and jewelry from tarnish
• Safe to use for packing foodstuffs
• Food can be cooked inside the bag in a microwave or by boiling
• Satisfies the requirements of REACH, PAHs, FDA, LFGB, and EU certification
• Withstands the dishwasher, microwave oven, boiling water, and freezing
• Material: PE+PA
• Bag thickness: 0.13¬–0.16 mm in the non-slip area
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