Trout Spoons Forest Kagerou MIU — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all Europe and UK 3-5 days.

Trout Spoons Forest Kagerou MIU

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by Forest
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The Trout Spoons Forest Kagerou from the Japanese company FOREST are some of the best in their class. These vibrating rocking lures are filled with precision and attention to detail, making them excellent for fishing trout, salmon, bass, maple, and pike. The impressive range of colors, sizes, and weights offered by FOREST allow anglers to adapt to any specific fishing conditions. The expert's micro spoons can help in even the most difficult situations and can entice even the most finicky predators. The MIU KAGEROU, which translates to "hot mist," are illuminated micro spoons that feature a strong concave body in the middle, which only requires a slight shake to mimic the appeal of a dying Ephemera. The shooting stagger arranged like a flower displays the color emitting KAGEROU in daylight and the dark. This model of FOREST is even more effective in UV light, making it a very popular choice among anglers. Suitable for tournament fishing, these spoons come in various colors and weights, with the Forest Pal 3.8g spoons being particularly popular among trout anglers in Japan. These spoons make a steady wobbling action without darting or irregular actions and allow the angler to control the swimming range by changing retrieve speed and weight without changing actions. It comes with a fine wire barbless single hook.