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Narval Biggy Boy 26cm

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What bait to offer a large pike? The search for an answer to this question torments many anglers, especially those who participate in the largest Russian spinning fishing tournament - the Pro Anglers League. After all, the price of catching a real trophy during the game is extremely high.

Andrey Chulanov, one of the strongest spinnings in the country, also asked himself this question, and spent many hours and days on the water, so that later, after analyzing the reaction of the pike to various forms and types of baits, he could start developing his own. During the creation of the Biggy Boy, it went through numerous tests on the water, and the shape of the bait changed, until, in the end, during the second stage of the PAL 2021, the crew of Andrey Chulanov and Nikolai Alekseev demonstrated the true power of the new "secret weapon".

Biggy Boy just "mowed" the pike live in the prestigious tournament, and made a splash among athletes and spectators. Impressive size - 26 cm and weight 162 grams, non-standard geometry - a wide blunt "Nickle" of the nose, pushing a large volume of water in front of it, a stable "lazy" game of a fleshy blocky body, memorable noise holes in the tail peduncle and a powerful tail shovel that create additional turbulence - these are the characteristics that do not give rest to any