OSP Rudra 130 S — Ratter Baits
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Delivery all EU. All Summer products -10%. Discount applies to cart

OSP Rudra 130 S

by OSP
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Lure weight: 22g
Lure length: 130mm
Swimming Depth: 2,4m
Type: Sinking

OSP Rudra 130 S is a high-performance fishing lure that boasts an ultralight honeycomb super HP body (PAT.) and a lowered center of gravity, resulting in improved basic performance beyond the standard. By optimizing all aspects of fish-catching, this lure has achieved the ultimate arrangement, making it a pioneer that has rediscovered the potential of buried big minnow.

With its superior "gathering power" and "biting power," Rudra can catch various targets like bass, seabass, and trout all over the world. The high big-fish catch rate in high-pressure fields is one of its distinctive features. The sinking model of Rudra is specifically designed for saltwater fishing and bass in deep water with low temperature.

The fixed double low center of gravity weight and strengthened hook and ring, inherited from the movement of triple tungsten center of gravity, improve the established castability, stabilize the flight attitude, and enhance the distance. The high pitch and natural rolling action of the lure attract fish to bite at any speed, from slow to fast. Moreover, the light twitching by the light rod and full flat body's glaring flashing, unique to the large-sized 13-cm minnow, create high appeal conjointly.

One of Rudra's strong points is its exceptional depth of swimming level, making it stand out and reinforcing its original feature of making fish bite in any situation. Its best total performance is equipped to make it the perfect lure for any angler.