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Fanatik "cheburashka" yellow

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€0.80 - €3.00
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Lead demountable lead Cheburashka from Fanatik can be called a quality standard. This is an irreplaceable consumable in jig fishing, the basis for hinged mounting. With a hook of the appropriate size and silicone bait, it outperforms a jig head of the same mass in range, sinking speed, and information on topography and soil density. Jig spinning without such a sinker is unthinkable. It looks like it is just a lead ball with a steel brace, but there are subtleties in the structure of the cargo that, at first glance, are imperceptible. It is carefully calibrated: the stainless wire will not become the weak link of the tackle. It has sufficient rigidity to withstand any load without unbending. The groove for its placement in the body of the load is displaced upward, this arrangement ensures the correct centering of the installation, in which the hook always looks up and the bait plays correctly. The marking of the "eared" mass is made by casting, and not by a notch: it cannot be erased even with prolonged use of the weight, which will accidentally turn out to be a long-liver.

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